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Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is critical to the long term success of your fitness program and your overall health. The goal is to get as many large muscles as possible working consistently in order to burn the greatest amount of calories. Your cardiovascular or aerobic program should consist of the least amount of work necessary to initiate a change. It should not be altered until the body adapts (is no longer losing fat). Once your body adapts you will need to alter your workout by: 1) increasing the intensity; 2) changing the mode (bike, treadmill, etc.); 3) increasing the frequency (days per week); and 3) by increasing the amount of time per session. More is not necessarily better when it comes to cardiovascular exercise for fat loss. If you do too much too soon, you can actually cause your body to hit a plateau.


To learn more about each of these components in greater detail and for a Personal Nutrition and Exercise Plan customized for your specific goal, visit the Club PPN section of this website.

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