Who Is The Great Body™ Book and Club PPN For?

They are for everybody! Did we cast the net wide enough? While it is primarily meant for people who are just beginning an exercise program, it contains information that will benefit even the most seasoned pros. Newcomers to fitness find it hard to weigh through all of the information out there and separate fact from fiction. So much so, that even intermediate and advanced trainers hold on to their early misconceptions to the detriment of their progress. So, this book and the Club PPN website are meant to put the novice on the right track to a productive and healthy fitness lifestyle and maybe even give some advanced readers a new perspective.

How do I get The Great Body™ Book?

Just click on this link to visit our Online Store Great Body Book

Do I need to buy one of the Supplement Packages to get results?

NO! The MOST IMPORTANT PART of the Great Body™ System is the Great Body™ BOOK! It contains all of the information you will need to achieve your goal. The Great Body™ System is NOT about supplements or products, it’s about RESULTS! Supplements are not necessary to achieve results.

The most important thing to understand about nutritional supplements is that they are exactly that, “Supplements”. They are intended to augment or “Add to” a good Nutrition and Exercise program. They are not “Magic Pills or Formulas” or replacements for Diet and Exercise!

However, Nutritional Supplements can be extremely beneficial and help you achieve dramatic results, faster and easier than diet and exercise alone. It is very important to use them as “Supplements” to a well-balanced lifestyle. When you do this, there is no limit to what you can achieve!

>How do I get detailed information on the individual products (Supplement Facts, Calories, etc.)?

You can click on the Product Link in the Individual Package Pages. Go to the Packages Page to select an Individual Package for Your Goal. “Packages Link” Or visit or visit the Main PPN Products Page to view all PPN Products.

Is the Great Body™ System only good for 8-Weeks?

No. The Great Body™ System is designed to teach you everything you need to know, and give you the tools necessary, to achieve your Ideal Body and maintain it for the rest of your life.

Can I buy the products separately or do I need to buy a package?

Yes. You can buy each of the products separately at our PPN Online Store However, when you buy a package, you get a discount up to an additional 35% off.

Additional Questions

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