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***The Testimonials listed here are from REAL PEOPLE! They have not been remunerated in any way.***

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Frank –

Wow!, what an amazing book!—Kudos to Mr. Krause for taking his 20++ years of experience in the fitness/bodybuilding world, and putting it in an easy to read book for the normal guy or gal to understand.
Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or both, “The Great Body Book” gives you the essentials to do just that. You don’t need to a read 300 or 400 page book, all you need is the 4 components Mr. Krause concentrates on his book, Meal, Cardio, Weight Training & Supplements.

I’ve personally used his principles listed in the book, to shed over 20 lbs in a 12 week period. Believe me, it works!
This is a book you’ll want to keep around after reading, tuck it in your gym bag, and have it handy to reference periodically to keep focused on your fitness goals. I Highly Recommend!


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Sandra (Wife & Mother) –

“The Great Body Book was an amazing read! My name is Sandra and I have spent 46 years of my life flailing around from Yo-Yo diet to Yo-Yo diet, to the drive through at McDonalds after each failed attempt to change my body. I have never truly understood the human body and what it takes to make lasting changes through nutrition and fitness. I have always looked for the easy fix, or “magic” (pg. 7), as Fred Krause puts it in the Great Body book.

After reaching 267 lbs., I knew that I had to do something different or I was not going to be around to see my grandchildren grow up…. I started seeking out real methods, not quick fixes, but the problem is that I was never taught how to feed my body properly, nor was I taught that if I wanted lasting change I had to work for it…..

This is why the Great Body Book was such an amazing read for me. Fred Krause breaks down the four components to fitness in an easy to read, no nonsense manner that truly helped me understand why I have been doing the things I have been doing. One thing I found quite amusing is how many myth’s or fad driven beliefs I have lived by throughout my Yo-Yo dieting career.

Additionally, The Great Body Book is not about selling you anything, but the truth. If you cannot take the truth you may want to steer clear, but I strongly suggest you do not. A little truth never hurt anyone! After reading through the material and gaining a better understanding of the fitness components the Great Body Book offers you easy to follow “Getting Started” charts and tells you how to access Club PPN for your free profile and fitness evaluation. I have a long way to go personally, however I feel that I have a better understanding to the path I am now on and the tools I need to adjust things as needed. I could go on for days about how much I loved the book, but while you are reading this, you are not reading The Great Body Book and you need to!”


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Tammy (Bikini Competitor) –

My entire life I have always went to the gym and worked out. I would do some cardio and lift weights but did not know the exact science behind it all. I knew nothing about proper nutrition and how important that was to really achieving a healthy lifestyle. After attending a bodybuilding competition and seeing the bikini competitors and how fit they were, I thought to myself, “I want to do that. That would be so cool to get into that kind of shape.” I knew it would not be easy and that I had a lot to learn. I went to a few “nutrition experts” and “bikini competitor experts.” It was always the same thing, a cookie cutter workout plan and diet they gave to every girl that walked through the door with no explanation as to why you are doing what you are doing.

After being frustrated with workout plans and diets, my husband suggested that I go meet with a friend of his that he has known for close to 20 years. That is when I met Fred Krause. I told Fred that I wanted to do a bikini competition and I was looking for guidance on workouts and nutrition.

Over the next 12 weeks, my life completely changed. Using the principles in The Great Body Book, Fred detailed and structured my workouts, including specific body parts to focus on and the amount of cardio I should be doing. The bigger thing though was the diet plan he created for me. Fred detailed how many meals I should have, when I should have them and what I should be eating at each meal. More importantly though he explained the science behind the meals and why I was eating what I was eating. It is one thing for someone to just tell you to do this or that, but to have someone explain everything to you completely opens your mind. He took my knowledge of nutrition and working out to a whole new level. Also, with supplementation, his knowledge is off the charts. He explained what nutritional supplements I should be taking, when to take them and why. You can go to any nutrition store and they will sell you something, but the knowledge you get from the Great Body Book and Website helps it all make sense, and you won’t waste your money on unnecessary products.

Ultimately, I entered my first bikini show at age 43. Against girls half my age and that have been doing this for years, I placed 3rd. It was an incredible feeling and something I will never forget. All of it could not have been possible without the guidance and tutoring of Fred, and the information and principles in the Great Body Book! You won’t just be told what to eat or how to train, but you’ll learn the why behind it all. Doing a show like this is a lot of work and takes total commitment. It changes your life. You learn dedication, focus, and hard work. The greatest thing about it all is not the placing 3rd in the show, but the fact that I just generally feel healthier now. I could not have asked for a more honest and knowledgeable coach for this process. I am already entered in my next show and look forward to improving and continuing this healthy lifestyle. I know that Fred and The Great Body System will again be there for me and help me with my journey.


Please check back often for new Testimonial Stories. If you would like to submit your Testimonial or Success Story, we would greatly appreciate it and would love to hear from you! Please send it to Service@PPNonline.com