What is The Great Body™ Book?

The Great Body™ Book is the ultimate solution to your ideal body. It contains all of the information you will ever need to get the results you want, including Diets and Workouts.

No Gimmicks and No Empty Promises–Just Real Science and Real Results!

This little book is packed with information and is easy to read. It can be read in less than an hour! I have used the principles in this book for over 20 years and with tens of thousands of people, including 400lb overweight women, Professional Athletes, Bodybuilders, and Celebrities. No matter what type of person or goal, this book can help!

What is the Rapid Thermal® 24 Hour Fat Loss System?

The Rapid Thermal® 24 Hour Fat Loss System is a combination of two products, Rapid Thermal® AM (Day Time Formula) and Rapid Thermal® PM (Night Time Formula). It is designed to help you burn fat 24 hours a day, rather than just during the day time like most of the other products.

What is Rapid Thermal® AM?
Rapid Thermal® AM is a daytime fat loss and energy formula. It is formulated to dramatically burn fat increase your energy level, and improve thyroid function, while helping suppress your appetite and reduce your cravings for sweets and carbohydrates.

Rapid Thermal® AM is our Regular Strength (Level 1) fat loss product. It is ideal for those that are sensitive to stimulants or are using a fat loss product for the first time.

What is Rapid Thermal® PM?

Rapid Thermal PM® is a “Night Time” Fat Loss Formula with “mild” natural sleep aids. It is designed to promote fat loss in the evening and while you sleep. It also helps prevent late night cravings.


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